2/17/21 Due Diligence on the vaccine

The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew…

World-renowned experts (physicians, scientists, lawyers, activists etc.) discussed the many unanswered questions regarding the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccine on February 10, 2021.



  • Are they safe and effective?
  • Can you be forced to take one?
  • Who’s liable if anything goes wrong?
  • How do I protect my right to choose?
  • Discover what the mainstream media is not telling you!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Del Bigtree
Thomas Cowan, MD
Mary Holland, Esq.
Christiane Northrup,MD
John Gilmore
Michael Kane
Larry Palevsky,MD
Sherri Tenpenny, DO
David Rasnick, PhD
Kevin Jenkins

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12/23/2020 Life Flight

Hello. Today I had a phone conversation with a client in Oregon. Her husband had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital in Bend. They live in southern Oregon. Thankfully they had purchased Life Flight, as a couple, which cost them $69 annually total for both of them. They got a bill which they didn’t have to pay and the charges for the helicopter was…drum roll….$77,000! Can you imagine paying that bill? Well, they didn’t have to because they were thankfully covered in full. Here is their website:  https://www.lifeflight.org ( I do not make a commission passing this along and yes, I have it myself). (800-982-9299)


Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day to be grateful for all the blessings we have in this great country of ours. I am grateful to have been born in America. I love our country, our freedoms and our constitution. I love my family and although we are far apart this year, another family has opened their heart to add one more to their table of ten.
I am grateful to know and love a God who has the whole world in His hands. Yesterday, I experienced a miracle and it is so comforting to know He is in control during this difficult time.
May our blessings continue to enable us to live in freedom and liberty as we prioritize God, Country, and Family. May we never take what we have for granite.