10/5/2020 GM

In 10 days, the Annual Enrollment Period begins for Medicare clients. During this time until December 7th, folks who are on Medicare Advantage Plans or Supplements can change their plan. It will become effective on January 1, 2021. Medicare Advantage Plans are relative to the county you live in so it is important to due to your homework and make sure your plan, doctor, and hospital have not changed. Medicare Supplements or “gap” Plans are tied to the state you live in. If your premium has gone up and you are able to answer all the health questions with a “No” you can find another Medicare Supplement with a lower premium that is equal to the plan your on or less. One important thing to remember is if you move out of your county, you may need to shop for another Medicare product. You have 60 days to make this change. If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan you won’t have to because it is usable in all 50 states. I moved from OR to MT and shopped to see if premiums were lower and they were. I was healthy and could answer all the health questions with “No” and I saved over $50 a month by changing insurance companies but staying with Plan G. Make sure you are 100% covered. Medicare Part A & B are 80% coverage. If you have any questions about what I’ve written please call me. 406-293-2285.

Published by Holly Clark Insurance llc

Hello! I have been a licensed life and health insurance agent since 2008. I am appointed with Humana and BCBS of MT for individual and Medicare Advantage plans. I am appointed by multiple Medicare Supplement companies and have software to compare, by zip code and gender, premiums. I can help you with Short Term, Hospital Indemnity, and Catastrophic Care products from GTL. If you need dental coverage I am appointed by Spirit Dental which offers major coverage after one year and reasonable premiums. When it comes to selecting a Medicare Supplement plan, you want to feel confident the plan will cover your health care needs. I am appointed with CSO, MHC, Lumico, Cigna, Aetna & Union. I will help you find the lowest premium in MT, ID, WA & OR state. Contact Holly Clark today for a no-cost, no-obligation quote. I can answer questions and sign you up online. FREE QUOTE 406-297-5922 or email me at hollyberryor@gmail.com

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