The surgeon who operated on a teenage girl in Italy, who became unwell and died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, was taken aback by what he discovered.

Dr. Gianluigi Zona, head of Genoa’s San Martino general hospital’s neurosurgery and brain trauma unit, said Camilla Canepa, 18, had major blood clotting in her brain and died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

The surgeon stated that he had “never seen a brain reduced in these settings by a thrombosis so extensive and so serious.”

“All the venous sinuses were blocked by thrombus [blood clots], a scenario which I have never seen in all my years in this profession,” Zona said.

“You must picture the venous sinus as a river in the middle of a valley in which many different streams converge,” he continued.

“If you build a dam at the center of the watercourse, the river swells and at that point the tributaries aren’t able to run, with the result that the upstream pressure rises,” he said, as reported by LifeSite.

In addition, Zona claimed he wasn’t a virologist, epidemiologist, or coroner, but he sensed something was wrong.

“Considering what I saw in that girl’s head, it’s clear that we are facing something not normal.”

On May 25, Canepa was given the AstraZeneca vaccine at a vaccination “open day” for young persons over 18.